Eco-friendly bikepacking

My name is Patrick, originally from Dublin, Ireland, now based in centre-Brittany (France). I was a bike mechanic and now I sew bikebags. I propose all of my bags in a variety of colours depending on the current inventory. However if you are in a rush, I also have a selection of stock models ready to ship. Upcycling is the repurposing of something that already exists and for which energy has been consumed in its production. I only use fabric from the circular economy (fabric offcuts etc.).

sacoche velo gravel ecologique

Why ?

A blown zipper? Off to the dump... Did you know that the textile industry is one of the main sources of greenhouse gases? Thus it seemed a bit absurd to contaminate the purity of the bike by following the well-worn path🤔

I use "waste products" in the fabrciation of my eco-friendly bike bags: factory offcuts, dead stock fabric, finished articles with superificial errors... These waste products are thus transformed into a resource via the circular econmy 🙌

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Fair price ?


Working with fabric from the circular economy is extremely labour intensive. My small-scale artisanal workshop allows for bike bags made to measure 100% made in France.

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Patrick Pardy, couturier économie circulaire

What fabric ?

I only use fabric from the circular economy that is: waterproof, durable and UV-resistant

Taking these factors into account, the choice is varied from factory offcuts to lightly used bags that can be taken apart for webbing (many thanks to Ti Récup'!). The fommowing is a non-exhaustive list of the fabric I use:

No waste ?


My bike bags are the end result of a process ofupcycling of fabric destined for the dump. Fabric gleaned from the l'circular economy is a minimalist way of working with a low carbon footprint. I try to do my best on all fronts... the cadboard boxes that I use for sending parcels are donated by local shops!  But is it possible to be totally zero waste?

My bikebags must stay the trials of the road. In this manner I am obliged to buy technical haberdashery such as waterproof zippers, velcro and webbing. As of spring 2022, all of my suppliers and fabricants are European.

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Atelier de Patrick Pardy, artisanat à Rostrenen

Who are we ?

The workshop is based in Centre Brittany , in a town called Rostrenen not far from the canal Brest-Nantes

  • Patrick imagines, draws, cuts and sews... He is the creative mind behind each bag. Born and raised in Ireland he is the "Le Rouquin Qui Roule" or "Redhead that rides" 🤗. Listen to an interview of Patrick in English.
  • Florie  helps from time to time with the cutting but she is most at ease behind the keyboard:  the website, partnerships and communication are her handywork!


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